Electropick for Safe KEM 02 


(Price: 3,950.00 TL)


Electropick for Safe

CODE: KEM 02  Rechargeable  Safe Lock pick

The patented product of Master, safe lock pick provides easiness to our collegues. It is so serial to open safes opening to the right or left and safe type locks with help of double head feature.

Master 'is a great convenience to our colleagues on the issue of skeleton chassis with patented end product will provide. Thanks to the dual-head feature on the open left or right opened and a safe deposit box is serial-type lock.

Charged safe opening skeleton Safe opening provides great convenience to the user. Circuit speed can reach up to 250 items per second. This high performance through even the very combination safe lock can be opened kolatc. the product consists of two head. Thanks to this feature is used on the right or left safe and can be opened or unlocked fişel leaves.