Master Steel Badges (6 screw) 


(Price: 17.00 TL)

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Master Steel Badges (6 screw)

CODE: MÇR-06           '3 Minutes mounting'

Most of our patented product, has an extremely easy mounting. 6 (six) are very strong because it is the screw.

6 self tapping screws in the product (self drilling screws) are given.


Master badges capable of screwing together two (2) consists of parts.

Couplers (lock core) is installed on the door is bolted to the bottom of the door Masters badges. The lock core is removed from the slot before installing the top cover. Cylinder is reinstalled in the top cover is removed after mounting screws. Thus, a screw lock core prevents removal of the top cover.

Our color options;

Yellow - Satin - Platinum