Key Cutting Machines TR-3000 CARISMA 

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Key Cutting Machines TR-3000 CARISMA


CODE: TR 3000

Horizontal Working: The most striking feature of the series is the vise system that operates horizontally. Thanks to this system, the ratio of defects in keys created from copy keys is zero.

Speed Control System: Carisma copies keys within a total of 35 seconds, 25 seconds for duplicating and 10 seconds for returning. Owing to slow cutting, it provides a clean duplicating and long blade life. The short returning duration prevents time waste.


Electronic Control Units: The machine is controlled by an electronic chip. Thus, maximum security is provided against any kind of failure.

Cutter saw used in duplicating of safe deposit box keys are Diamond and do not flex during duplication, thus provides a sensitive and easy duplicating. Besides, getting dull is not possible since it is made of pure diamond.

Illumination system focused on the operation area is designed to prevent discomfort and increase operation performance.

There are three independent motors on the machine. Each unit uses its own motor, and thus power loss is not experienced by any operating system.

Touch screen control panel has a stylish appearance and easy to use ergonomics. Button structure that is produced with nanotechnology is protected against all kinds of failures. Besides, data let located on the panel monitors the problems of the system.